Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another protest...

More later, but here's a brief for now:
  • Around 1,000 protesters showed up - pretty impressive number
  • Reps of: Kefaya, al-Ghad, April 6, Karama, National Association for Change, + others
  • Multiple protesters were pulled out of the security boundaries by police and beaten
  • More of the political elite present: Ayman Nour, George Ishak, Hamdeen Sabbahi, and other MB/ Socialist/ liberal leaders
  • ElBaradei nowhere to be found, as usual
  • Ayman Nour and al-Ghad Chairman bodily pulled an unconscious protester from under the feet of police
  • Complaint of police brutality taken directly to a judge by Ayman Nour and others
Will give you a more comprehensive report later.

UPDATE (14/4): I would like to clarify a few issues from yesterday:

  • First, Ayman Nour's son was NOT harassed OR beaten by police. These rumors resulted from a misunderstanding and despite being widely promoted via Twitter and other means they are NOT true. Noor is perfectly fine and safe.
  • Bahaa Sabr, who was arrested yesterday and beaten severely by police, is currently in the hospital. Twitter story confirmed by multiple bloggers, although it has yet to be reported elsewhere.

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