Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quick update

So I realize I haven't been updating this at all - sorry! I promise to post at least one decent update by the end of the weekend. For now, here's a brief on what's been going on:

Classes at the American University in Cairo started last Sunday, and while the classrooms are ready (barely), the rest of the campus is no where close. Many professors don't have offices yet, and some of those whose offices are ready don't have phone lines and/or internet connections. Needless to say, everything is quite a mess. The Student Center, dorms, and sports facilities are far from done and will not be open until at least the beginning of November, which is a very optimistic conjecture.

On top of having to avoid workers and construction materials/rubble, students have been faced with what ultimately amounts to a huge maze, albeit a very tastefully designed and well-built maze. Between the lack of directional signs and the plethora of courtyards, terraces, hallways, and covered walkways, finding one's way to the Provost's Office or the Department of History can be quite an adventure. Getting in, however, tends not to be too difficult - it's trying to get out that is the biggest challenge.

Now that add-drop has finally finished and students and professors are beginning to learn their way around campus, things should settle down a bit. At least the buses are running on time. I've also noticed that, coming from the buses, the guards at the gate only occasionally check IDs to get on campus. Of course, I typically arrive at 7:20am, and I'm sure the guards realize that NONE of us would be on campus that early unless we had to be. However, while the guards at the side/bus gate may occasionally overlook asking to see an ID, the guards at the library are overly diligent. However, if one must be in possession of an AUC ID to get on campus, what's the point of having to show it AGAIN to get into the Library?

Next step: locate the mail room and a fax machine. Wish me luck!