Friday, July 9, 2010

Tragedy in Egypt for Star Academy 7

Thursday brought a tragedy for Egypt, Lebanon, and fans of Star Academy. Lebanese participant Rami Shmali was killed when he lost control of the car he was driving and collided head-on with another vehicle on the 6 October Bridge in Cairo. An elderly man in the other car was also killed, and two passengers injured.

Egyptian Mahmoud Shoukry, also a participant in this year's Star Academy, was in the car with Rami and has been hospitalized. Friends say he'll be okay.

I know reality TV and talent competitions aren't my usual subject material, but Mahmoud is a good friend and someone I respect. He's a wonderful and loyal friend, a talented musician and dancer, and the sort of person who raises the spirits of everyone around him.

He's lost a close friend, and is still in the hospital. Please keep him and his family in your prayers, and Rami's family as well. And please, drive carefully!

Edit: has reported that there are rumors starting which say Rami was not driving the car. The rumor claims that Mahmoud said Rami was driving the car in order to avoid possible prosecution. Both of these are false: Mahmoud was unconscious after the accident and unable to speak to anyone. When Mahmoud and Rami were pulled out of the car it was clear who was driving and who was not. Using circular reasoning that Rami had just arrived in the country and consequently wouldn't have been driving is simply inaccurate. Clearly, someone is just out for media attention. Don't give it to them.


  1. Is mahmood shokri okay?

  2. what did asma and miral do when they found out about shokry and what did rayan do when he found out about Rami??

  3. is rami definatly dead??

  4. how do you know that Rami was driving? i honestly highly doubt it that he did, noone would drive in a country when he does not have a clue about the roads. especialy that rami was in cairo 48 hours before the accident!!!!!
    i wish that Shukri will get well very soon and i am very sorry for Rami's loss , he was uch a great, decent gentelman. may his soul rest in peace.

  5. For the sake of argument, I've driven in many countries where I didn't know the roads at all, from Egypt to Italy. Personally I don't find that a valid argument.

  6. Well I guess Rami wasnt driving instead of Mahmoud for a reason that the blame will be put on the driver, knowing that Rami unfortunately is dead and Mahmoud is alive....if it was said that Mahmoud was driving then he will be taken to the court knowing that he is alive....


  7. @anonymous Yes, that would be logical if Mahmoud himself had claimed Rami was driving. However, Mahmoud was unconscious when he was pulled from the car and consequently the logic is faulty.