Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sandy Weather

Only in Cairo is 'sand' in the weather forecast...

Incidentally, this reminds me of a particular day in Cairo back in the fall of 2008. I was chatting with one of my flatmates in our living room when our other flatmate came in, amused at weather.com's current forecast for Cairo: apparently, it was thunderstorming! The three of us glanced at each other, then out the window, and laughed at the clearly ridiculous proposition of a thunderstorm in Cairo. Not five minutes later, one of my flatmates, peering out the window, asked, "What is that?!" Rain, that's what - somehow going horizontally past our window. Utterly bizarre.

Although, I suppose that wasn't nearly as bizarre as actually having a thunderstorm complete with hail, as Cairo did a few weeks ago. Go figure...

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  1. I do remember hail and thunder in Cairo very many many years ago.Weather is cyclic. So its time for Khamseen once again. First visit to yor blog. I like it! I laughed when I saw your profile wherein you describe yourself as a"realistic idealist" I use the term "pragmatic idealist" to describe myself.
    Thank you for leading me to more good thoughts. I just read Asian Cow Adrift.