Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Consequences of Being Late

Romans are not known for their promptness. In many cases, tardiness is even expected - if you want to have dinner at 9pm, for example, make sure to tell your guests 7. Being late has its consequences too, particularly for Italy's ruling party.

The People of Freedom Party (PDL), Prime Minister Berlisconi's party, will not be fielding candidates in Lazio's regional elections at the end of this month: an official missed the deadline for submitting the list of candidates by two hours. Berlusconi, understandably, is not pleased with the situation. Lazio is the region in central Italy that includes Rome, and it's one of Italy's most crucial regions.

Tough luck, Mr. Prime Minister - last week a Milan appeals court rejected attempts to register candidates late. Take this as a lesson to be learned: unfortunately for you, time can't be bought.

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