Friday, March 11, 2011

Egyptian recounts being tortured by the army

23-year-old Rami Essam was tortured by the Egyptian army on March 9. The following is his testimony, originally posted on a Facebook note and later translated by Alive in Egypt. Rami is known for writing The Tahrir Song, which can be seen here.

My name is Rami Issam, 23 years old
I was in Tahrir Square with the rest of the protestors and demonstrators on Wednesday. March 9 At approximately 5 pm and a half we were surprised when the army along with a large group of armed civilians attacked the sit-in with bricks and stones. Alongside each other, they started breaking the tents, cutting the signs/banners, attacking all who are inside the circle with sticks and then started to arrest demonstrators. I was dragged by a group of soldiers beside the museum and was handed to Officers who then tied my hands and my feet.
They began to kick my body and face, and hit my back and feet with sticks, whips, pips, wires, and hoses.
Afterwards, they got an Electric detonator, the same kind that was used in the demonstrations and started electrifying different places in my body – with one device at first, then with more than one device at the same time. The military officers would leave me, throw stuff at my back, step on me, and throw shoes at my face. They cut my hair (It was long), and finally they put my face in the dirt and then filled my body with dust.

Rami recounts his testimony in the following video. Parts of the video are GRAPHIC, viewer discretion is advised.

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