Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan25: Egypt's Day of Anger

By 1pm, demonstrations in Maadi and before the Supreme Court have been confirmed, as well as demonstrations in Dar al-Salam south of Cairo and in Rafah on the Egyptian side of the border. Unconfirmed reports suggest 20,000 are moving in Old Cairo, but... I'm skeptical of that one.

There are also reports that plainclothes security forces are carrying tasers. Police are expected to be brutal today. We will see what happens. Few reports of detentions so far, and none of violence.

@Sandmonkey reported on Twitter about 20 minutes ago that security had collected the IDs and mobile phones of everyone in Cilantro (the one on Gameat al-Dowal in Mohandiseen, I presume). Another Tweeter from that location had earlier reported the manager making calls on multiple mobile phones and security escorting 20 veiled girls off the premises.

Reports say Ayman Nour is leading a group from Bab el-Sharia to the Supreme Court, and another says police will allow a demonstration in Gameat al-Dowal at 2pm.

According to journalist Ian Lee via Twitter at 1pm, "Supreme court protest picking up. Random groups sprouting up. Police rush to contain."

@AkherElAkhbar reports police are checking cars entering Cairo. Ahram Online has reported that the demonstration in Dar al-Salam has been stopped by police, and that no demonstration is happening in Alexandria.

Will try to keep you all updated as the day continues, but I'l heading out soon to see what's happening for myself.

Update at 1:15pm: Protest outside Supreme Court reportedly picking up. Some confrontations between protesters and security, protesters have reportedly broken through the barrier and are heading toward 26 July.

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