Wednesday, May 26, 2010

14 types of salad and heated toilet seats for Argentina

While some nations have kept their World Cup hotel requests relatively simple - hot coffee and cookies for the Brazilians and table tennis tables and a dart board for the Slovakians - Argentina's list of demands tops all others.

According to this article from AP, the Argentinian team requires 6 playstations and the following food at every meal:
  • 10 hot dishes every day and 14 different salads at every meal;
  • 3 different pasta sauces with each meal and at least 3 puddings (incidentally, the Italians are of course bringing their own pasta);
  • Braai (type of meat) once in 3 days;
  • Ice cream available all day.
Apparently sinks and toilets were also replaced in two bathrooms reserved for the team's coach:
New wash basins, toilet bowls, cisterns, taps and E-Bidet toilet seats -- which calls "the world’s best toilet seat" -- have been installed. The $450 chair comes heated with a warm air blow-dryer and two-setting bidet. -
Go figure.

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